“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” —  Nelson Mandela.

VMA works closely with communities and know the needs of project. Therefore we are able to brings good causes and committed givers together in meaningful way. Our approach is to ensure that “we teach a man to fish as opposed to giving him a fish.” We have been trusted to be the bridge and facilitate the process of connecting the corporate world to the real needs of community projects.

Our Corporate initiatives are formidably created  to help with the education, understanding and tolerance of people from various communities and economic sectors by walking within the community, interacting with community leaders, understanding the community before giving back by volunteering your time and efforts.

Our Corporate Social initiative programmes are designed to ensure that we empower communities and help empower them by using community services of locals as far as possible ensuring that we always uplift the community.

VMA is also the brain child of the social development project called the I AM…ICH BIN initiative partnering with various corporates such as Edgars, Dandilion Mobility Solutions and Blue Cherry Creations. The I AM…ICH BIN initiative is now a LEADSA initiative.

Contact us on to see how you can get involved with some great causes within in communities.



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